Feb 8, 2011

Allow Me to Re-Intruduce Myself!

G'day homies!
Recently, I found a remix of one of Jay-Z's best tracks in my opinion! And the person remixing the track (his name is Samples) simply adds that heavy wobble that the song was missing! Listen for yourself and find out!

PSA - Samples

The next track I have for the all you blog followers is a wonderful remix by Bassnectar, with that nice old school flava'

Last Night (Bassnectar Remix) - Me & You

Alright next one is hard to describe, it's dub, and discustingly dirty! listen to find out what your ears are missing out on!

QSR 91.6 FM - Quartus Saul

And finally, another filthy dub banger, that has dope rasta vocals within!

Murderah (vocal mix) - Drop N' Roll


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