Jun 10, 2011

Long Awaited & Debated

G'day! So, I did record my birthday set, spun at Avenue Theater on Wed May 11, from 11 - 11:55pm (My birthday is May 12) and have finally decided to release it!!! I say this all the time, but this one jumps through different genres left right and center! This is my first recorded LIVE set, so hopefully you have as much fun listening to it as I did spinning it!

Birthday LIVE Set (11 - 11:55pm May 11) - Mixed by B.Titz


Jun 9, 2011

Mix Time

Howdy folks, summer is here! Now summer is here for your ears! My newest, just recorded minutes ago, is a 21 minute BASS MUSIC mix!!! Fresh oh-so-fresh tunage! All wobbly genres on board! Get ready to get filthy! :)

What Genre? - Mixed by B.Titz