Jan 25, 2011

Top 40 :( ... To Filthy Dub :)

Got 2 tracks for y'all, both very popular top-40 songs, remixed and trasformed wonderfully into grungy bangaz! Listen, download & enjoy as always!

Bass Down Low (feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix) - The Cataracs

Fuck You (Dr Palo Dubstep Remix) - Cee Lo Green


Jan 23, 2011

Get Down... Get Down Dig It Up!

Alright folks, I have a super dope fidget banger, a chill (but still unbelievably grungy) tune, and a funny remix that is still wonderfully grimey for all you this time! Listen, download & enjoy!

Kicking Up Dirt (Calvertron Remix) - Jaimie Fanatic feat. Stemak

Cloudburn - Tasha Baxter

Barbie Girl (John West's Tin o Tuna Remix) - Aqua


Jan 6, 2011

Comin' Straight from the Undergroud

Got some dirrrrty electro/fidget, dubstep, and some drumstep-ish bangers for all you! Listen, download & enjoy!

Fuck the Police (Figure Bootleg) - NWA

Noise (Jho FM Remix) - Tom Piper feat ElleDub

Screw Up (Original Mix) - Sub Scape

Gold Dust (Vent Remix) - DJ Fresh


Jan 3, 2011


Fresh year, fresh thoughts, fresh beats!

Starting off with a simple note.

Every time someone talks to me about my beats at a show performing live they say the same thing, you're beats are dope, you just need to get found out! This sounds like an egotistical thing to say, but the fact of the matter is, it's true; I just want to put this thought down physically in to history, because of my horrible memory and all. It's NOT ABOUT thinking you're the SHIT, it's ABOUT what is REAL, the ego is not your amigo.

Anyways, back on track to the important stuff: THE MUSIC!
Here are a couple bangers I dropped at the NYE house party, listen and you`ll find out what your ears have been missing out on, until now :) PS- I am trying a new hosting website, that way you can hear before you download! Just press the play button to hear the track listed above. One track is dubby breaks, the next some electro breaks, and lastly a electro fidget banger with an old school twist. Enjoy!

Keep It Pushing feat. Freq Nasty & DJ Assault (Specimen A Remix) - Deekline & Wizard MF

A Just A DJ (Original Mix) - Specimen A MF

Insane! - Smoke & Mirrors MF

And, because of the new previewable host site, and the new year, here is my hot, fresh, and grimey newest mix again, for all you that don`t have it yet!! And split in 2 parts as well for ease of listening!

Schizofrenik Genre Bender - Mixed by B.Titz

Or, split in 2:

Schizofrenik Genre Bender Electro Side - Mixed by B.Titz

Schizofrenik Genre Bender Dubby Side - Mixed by B.Titz